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ZOO Lights

We went to the zoo on friday to see the lights, it was so beautiful and freezing, but we had a good time.


I wonder, what does Christmas mean,
With its stars and shiny balls?
Is Christmas more than Christmas trees
And toys and games and dolls?
Of this I’m sure: There’s something more,
For I’ve heard many say
That in a strange and far-off land,
A child was born this day.
And Christmas is to celebrate
His coming from above.
He showed us how we all should live
And told us we should love.

It's the LITTLE things...

The little things I LOVE...

My Father in Heaven.
My husband.
My two little boys of course!
Cold cereal in the morning, so much easier than cooking anything.
I love my two new callings, the nursery and enrichment!
A good book.
A smile.
Christmas lights.
Aleck falling asleep while playing, eating or watching Elmo.
Quintin's snuggles.
Chads way of always getting me to laugh.
My homemade sweet rolls.
Cherry blossoms.
A cold glass of milk.

Monday "MOO-SINGS"

I have always lovedcows,
I for some reason think that they are quite cute, as are all farm animals in my opinion, well except for turkeys. Although I do not like to touch cows, because I am afraid that they are going to kick me, it scares me to death. I also like COWBOYSso maybe that is why I like cows who knows! Or maybe it is because I have been called Heifer by many little ones in my life!
I love to go to the rodeo and watch the BULLrides,
but I am thankful that I did not marry a cowboy,
I don't think I could handle the stress of watching CHAD kill himself ridding a bull, he is very accident prone, he does not need any help from a bull in hurting himself. As I say that I realize it has been a few months since Chad has been injured so I assume something will be happening just before Christmas, because that is just our luck! I wonder what it will be maybe stitches, shingles, electrocution (without death) or a broken bone, that one hasn't happened for a while so that is my gues…