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Count your many blessings; name them one by one.......

These are some-

I have a testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ
The Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
I am a wife
I am a mother to two incredible boys
My family is Eternal
The Priesthood
Latter day Prophets
All of the wonderful kids I get to take care of, I love them like my own-
A Roof
Food to feed my family

I am so thankul for all of these things and so much more.......


I am so thankful for a husband who loves me, even on my crazy days- and this handsome boy who tells me I am HOT and I sing like an angel- and this cute little guy who comes and snuggles me every night between 12-4 am. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH IT HURTS!!!!!!!

Goodnight Lulu.

This has been one of our favorite books to read for the past five years, we read it every night. Quintin has it memorized. The other day I realized it has been a few weeks since we have let Goodnight Lulu put us to bed, Quintin hasn't been picking it out. This was not normal. Then it hit me- he's a second grader- I wanted to cry, my little chickadee is growing up. Now HE wants to read- The Magic Tree House and Indian Jones, these are all good books, even I am entertained.

But Goodnight Lulu will always be my favorite Quintin book.

My handsome second grader.


I remember loosing my teeth when I was a kid and I hated it, well now as a mother I still hate it. There is just something wrong with parts of your body coming loose and falling out, it is gross. But as you can see Quintin loves it, he even got a little extra from the Tooth Fairy
for having a double whammy! I am just thankful it is over- for now anyway.

I thought I better throw a picture of Al in so he doesn't feel left out!
Yes that is how he looks pretty much all day. I figure why wash it or wipe it when it just gets messy again anyway. Besides he is just soooooo cute- even when he is messy!
This boy is also very cute, even if he is missing almost half of his visible teeth. And when he speaks it just melts your heart!


I usually wonder what in the world I am thinking when I pull out the paint.....But it all turned out great!Aleck LOVED it!Zach was half asleep but he enjoyed himself!Quintin was very into it, making everything perfect, he ended up with a very cute turtle!

Something SwEet.

I babysit my friends
-SwEet little GiRl-
whom I just adore, she makes up for all of the boys I have around! I just wish I could spoil her like I would if she were my own, but Chad wont let me. So I take pictures of her like she is my own! In this picture she is annoyed by me because I am trying to get her to say, "Hea-ther".

Soccer mom I am.

After some refreshment he was fine.Thank heavens no one was gored, by the raging bull!

[I should have known]

Me: "Quintin why are your fingernails so dirty?" Quintin: "Cause I'm a boy." I think it's time for a bath.

Long time..... no post

Things just get crazy! But we are always having fun! Things we have been up to since I last posted. We celebrated Aleck's second birthday- time flies..... I cannot believe he is two! He has been talking more and more each day- we were so worried for awhile but he has speech therapy now and is doing great. He is such a fun little guy to have around he keeps me on my toes! Valentines........... My two little leprecons..... What a wonderful life I have!

So Sleepy.......zzzzzzzzz

Aleck eating his yogurt and sleeping at the same time, it made me tired just watching him. I love my days!!!

"SnOW" mUch FuN!!!

On Sunday the snow began falling just as sacrament meeting got out (at church), they were some of the biggest flakes I have ever seen, all the kids were so excited! Quinitin and Aleck were no exception, as soon as church was over they wanted to go out and play in the snow. Luckily it hadn't stopped snowing and the flakes were still huge, which made it all the more magical. I let Quin and Al go out for a little while at church while we waited for Chaddy to get out of his meeting, and then we headed home and got all bundled up. The kids had a blast. Quin's favorite thing to do was to throw snowballs at his Dad, he got Chad a few good ones right in the face, Chad never saw it coming! Al was enjoying laying around in the snow and taking in the cold.
I love watching my little ones have so much fun! The best is when they come in all cold and want something to make them warm. They are so snuggly.

Grandma's Hands

These beautiful hands have............. played with many dollies, pieced many puzzles, embraced one man's heart, made many blankies, held many babies, wipped many tears, soothed many sick, scrubbed many floors, washed many dishes, and carried many through life. For all the work done, these hands continue to pass on their love.
Grandma we love you!

Three Little Ants

We have our Family Home Evenings on thursdays because Cave Man has school on mondays. So tonight Quintin was in charge and he wanted to talk about being healthy, I really have no idea why he picked this topic. He told us a story, that he made up, about three little ants that didn't have any food. Then they prayed and Jesus gave them healthy food and three drops of water, they ate it, and then Jesus told them that they needed to eat healthy and exercise. In the end we were told if we eat healthy we will be healthy.

He had three activities for us to do, first we had to write down our favorite healthy foods, then we played a game of guess what healthy food you are holding, and then we did one of my exercise videos. We all had a blast, and Quintin was so pleased to be in charge. In his testimony he said he knew the church was true, and that Jesus was real, and then he thanked his audience. I had to hold back my burst of laughter- He is such an awesome BOY! Chad and Quintin exercising.