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This boy just melts my heart- -First thing in the morning, he always comes to find me with a smile on his face and says,"Mom I awake". -Then he needs help to go potty, as he sits on the potty he looks up and says, "I love you, much", with a big yawn. -He loves hugs and kisses. -He can throw a tantrum like pro. -He loves. -He is not good at sharing. -He is stubborn. -He looks up to his big brother. -He never gives up. -I feel his preciuos spirit, it fits his body perfectly. -He is strong. -I am so thankful he is mine, for a time, and then on through eternity.

Major Update

So much has been going on-
We had a super fun filled summer with:
-Lots of camping-Huge Zollinger Family Reunion, bummed that I didn't get a lot of pictures :(-Lots of extra little ones running around my house-Preparing for our first official year of homeschool-Taking care of my lovely veggie garden-Treking with the youth in my stake-and so much more......................Needless to say we have been busy, and I have not really had the desire to blog during all of the craziness of summer- but now that fall is setting in and things seem like they are slowing down (I am sure that is really just wishful thinking on my part :) maybe I will be able to get in a few more updates here and there!
Some pics of our summer adventures-

My FOOLS!!!!!

The family was quite impressed by my new skills in the kitchen. I totally won for the best prank this year!

Does Chads hand look freaky to anyone else?

Aleck was not interested in eating, especially after he found a bug in his food- it kinda freaked him out. So all he ended up having for dinner was some H2O, he decided licking was funner any way, he is part puppy you know.
Until next year!

I want these-

Why is it that the boys always get the lashes? Now don't get me wrong my boys lashes are beautiful, I wouldn't want them to not be. So are my Dads, and my brother Jeffs; my Grandpa and my uncle also have some lovely lashes. Do you see the trend. It is just not fair!

I guess I will just be happy to admire my boys- they sure are lovely.

Mr. Sun

Dear Mr. Sun
The other evening you were out, I couldn't believe my eyes. I decided to take your picture. I have forgotten how beautiful you are, with your golden rays and all. So I made plans to come out and see you after nap time today- couldn't find you anywhere. Please come back sometime soon. Love- Heather {PS. I miss you a lot, I need you to bleach the hair on my arms and upper lip.}


Aleck started preschool the last Monday in February, I don't think I was ready, but he seems to be just fine:)
Today he was going crazy waiting for the bus to come and get him, he was so excited!
These are pictures from his first day of school-

He has started saying cheese when I take his picture
{if you couldn't already tell}.

He had to show off his backpack.

I felt so bad on that first day, he had been so excited to go on a bus, but I didn't tell him that I wasn't coming. When I handed him off he looked so scared, it broke my heart. I am so glad that he didn't start crying, I don't think I would have let him go if he had.

He would hardly look at me as they were buckling him in.

At this point I was holding in my tears- so I wouldn't make a fool of myself in front of my neighbors.

{Oh boy, I sure love this kid}

Forgotten FACES

So my faces pictures have been forgotten for some time now- but I was still clicking away.... {most days}
I thought I better get caught up. In no particular order:)