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Aleck started preschool the last Monday in February,
I don't think I was ready,
but he seems to be just fine:)

Today he was going crazy waiting for the bus
to come and get him,
he was so excited!

These are pictures from his first day of school-

He has started saying cheese when I take his picture

{if you couldn't already tell}.

He had to show off his backpack.

I felt so bad on that first day,
he had been so excited to go on a bus,
but I didn't tell him that I wasn't coming.
When I handed him off he looked so scared,
it broke my heart.
I am so glad that he didn't start crying,
I don't think I would have let him go if he had.

He would hardly look at me as they were buckling him in.

At this point I was holding in my tears-
so I wouldn't make a fool of
myself in front of my neighbors.

{Oh boy, I sure love this kid}


Christy said…
oh my goodness. I love this. I know those moments when you're watching your little guy try to be brave and you just want to save him! it's a little bit heart-breaking.
Jenn said…
I love the backpack!

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