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Goodnight Lulu.

This has been one of our favorite books to read for the past five years, we read it every night. Quintin has it memorized. The other day I realized it has been a few weeks since we have let Goodnight Lulu put us to bed, Quintin hasn't been picking it out. This was not normal. Then it hit me- he's a second grader- I wanted to cry, my little chickadee is growing up. Now HE wants to read- The Magic Tree House and Indian Jones, these are all good books, even I am entertained.

But Goodnight Lulu will always be my favorite Quintin book.

My handsome second grader.


I remember loosing my teeth when I was a kid and I hated it, well now as a mother I still hate it. There is just something wrong with parts of your body coming loose and falling out, it is gross. But as you can see Quintin loves it, he even got a little extra from the Tooth Fairy
for having a double whammy! I am just thankful it is over- for now anyway.

I thought I better throw a picture of Al in so he doesn't feel left out!
Yes that is how he looks pretty much all day. I figure why wash it or wipe it when it just gets messy again anyway. Besides he is just soooooo cute- even when he is messy!
This boy is also very cute, even if he is missing almost half of his visible teeth. And when he speaks it just melts your heart!